Top 7 Ways People Got Killed When Taking a Selfie

Weird things happen and that makes our world even more enticing and challenging to live in. However not all weird things end up in a good way. Some end in deathly fatalities. Recently quite few surveys by various magazines and health research centres have proved the fact that taking a selfie is a kind of […]

Top 5 Funny Incidents That Actually Happened

The world at times can be quite funny and bizarre when it comes to certain instances that defy usual practicality of life. However these instances do happen that leave people wondering how on earth it could happen. There are times when we fail to understand that these bizarre incidents actually happened and there are some […]

The Top 5 Funniest Moments in History

When it comes to funny moments we are just spoilt for choices. Yes, funny and bizarre things do happen to mankind and that is how the world becomes a lively place. History has its fair share of funny incidents that are still young enough to crack us up. SO here are the top 5 funniest […]

7 Funny Ways You can Die

Death is the eternal truth and one must die when he has finished his part in this earthly world. Death to most us brings grief and sadness. When someone close to us leave for his heavenly abode we feel helpless, we feel sorrow. However if you ever want to make things a little peppy than […]

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